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Interactivity, sensuality and freshness

Premium massages, the highest category in quality and excitement. You won’t find anything more adventurous and edgy anywhere… for now. Indara keeps innovating.

We offer you not simply thematic massages… this are your thematics, where your preferences and directions will be strictly followed. Your role? Let yourself be driven by your masseur rythm. Enter the most intense massages, where you will satisfy your long desired fantasies. We make it happen. Are your ready? Enjoy most, pleasing experience you can even imagine. Lets get started, but first…

Vision is a very important sense. Take a deep breath, enjoy what you see, and lets get on this.

The most dynamic and original category, where you will find the most sensual fantasies to satisfy your apthetites

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Erotic massages

Our most erotic section, where sensuality meets extasis and tantric pleasures